Dairy Farmers
of Canada

“The Milk Glass is the premiere way to enjoy a glass of milk inside a glass.”

Tasteful design
tastefully designed.

The Milk Glass takes an incredibly popular idea - the glass - and refines it even further. It's not just another glass to drink milk out of. It's a glass specially designed to pour milk into, to then drink out of. Finally, there's a glass fit for milk.

Tip-top top.

The open top concept invites you to access your milk freely. Because nothing should get between you and your milk. Now that's tip-top.

Pure containment.

The unique closed bottom design keeps milk in its place and helps lock in milk flavour. Plus, it prevents milk from escaping out the bottom. Sheer brilliance - from the bottom up.

We went full circle.

The cornerless design leaves nothing to be desired. And everything to the imagination. This unpatented technology helps reduce grip-and-lift fatigue. Proof that cornerless is more.

As long as humanity has existed, so long has gambling been around

The Milk Glass project was established in 2020 to provide a unique, sustainably-driven dining experience. Its mission is to create a space that celebrates local flavors and cultures while staying true to its commitment to sustainability. The menu features seasonal ingredients sourced from local farms and artisans, with dishes crafted around the principles of zero waste and minimal environmental impact. Jet Casino supports the project with a commitment to ethical sourcing and responsible consumption. The internet gambling industry is a great opportunity to develop innovative ways of becoming more environmentally friendly. 

The nature of gambling

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Gaming as a hobby

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Casinos as a source of earning

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