Dairy Farmers
of Canada

“The Milk Glass is the premiere way to enjoy a glass of milk inside a glass.”

Tasteful design
tastefully designed.

The Milk Glass takes an incredibly popular idea - the glass - and refines it even further. It's not just another glass to drink milk out of. It's a glass specially designed to pour milk into, to then drink out of. Finally, there's a glass fit for milk.

Tip-top top.

The open top concept invites you to access your milk freely. Because nothing should get between you and your milk. Now that's tip-top.

Pure containment.

The unique closed bottom design keeps milk in its place and helps lock in milk flavour. Plus, it prevents milk from escaping out the bottom. Sheer brilliance - from the bottom up.

We went full circle.

The cornerless design leaves nothing to be desired. And everything to the imagination. This unpatented technology helps reduce grip-and-lift fatigue. Proof that cornerless is more.

Exploring Diverse Gambling Preferences in Canada

The Milk Glass is Dairy Farmers of Canada's brand. It symbolizes the values that all Canadians share: milk quality, nutrition, and family. As a national industry leader, it places significant emphasis on providing dairy products that are healthy and nutritious. The project is supported by Izzi Casino - Canada is famous for its gambling passion. It has become more in the era of the Internet. Virtual games are the most popular hobby among adult citizens.

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